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Nikom International Group was founded in 1996 by a visionary team of entrepreneurs as an extensive manufacturing and marketing company for water filtration system and service provider.

Nikom International Group was at a fast pace recognized organization by wholesaler, distributors, dealers and clients as an effective entity in providing preferential prices products, committed prompt delivery, quality and services. Invested heavily in research and development, we adopted technologies from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and U.S.A through technology transfer. Nikom International also develop and design new innovative applications and systems that fit into modern human ergonomics.

As a leading company in the water filtration market in Malaysia, Nikom International also focus greatly on the global market. Located close to Port Klang, gives us a competitive edge in exporting our products to the South East Asia region. Our understanding of the water quality and needs of different countries, we had successfully established our market with products exports to more than 50 countries including USA, Canada, Columbia, Middle East, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia.

With our indepth expertise and experienced background, we poised to be one of the leading global players in the water filtration industry. Helping people live healthier by providing efficient and viable solution in water purification is the driving force of our corporate values. Nikom International Group will always be your preferred professional partner in serving you the best products & service.

NIKOM GLOBAL Group of Companies:

Nikom Global Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. : Sales and Marketing
Nishimen Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. : Filter System, Water Dispenser Manufacturing
Nikom Carbon Technology Sdn. Bhd. : Activated Carbon Production
Nikom Carbon Industries Sdn. Bhd. : Activated Carbon Related Product Manufacturing
Nikom Biogenetic Sdn. Bhd. : FIR and Bio-energy products

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